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Saturday, April 12, 2008 

Poor internet connectivity for several days…

Thursday April 10th, Melbourne, AR 70 miles, indoors/fairgrounds. Storms. The worst weather pattern in a decade swept of of Texas on Wednesday reaching already drenched Arkansas in the the wee hours or Thursday. Torrential rain and violent thunderstorms quickly pushed rivers and streams to flood stage. The 70 mile jump from Clinton took almost three hours. Unable to put up the tent, the show moved indoors for the second time this season, playing ina low building on the fairgrounds. No aerials and no elephants, though we managed to squeeze the cats inside. Strong pre-sale, and by show time the rains were mostly over allowing for elephant rides. Reasonable gate.. Given the conditions at 5AM, we dodged a bullet.

Cave City, AR. 30 miles. Clear, cooling. Soggy, muddy lot. Good business. Temperature over the next four nights will dip down toward freezing with at least a possibility of snow flurries. We have outrun the spring moving north almost into Missouri and southern midwest.

Tuckerman, AR 90 miles. Green lot. Cold. Sixty mile detour to make today’s jump. Flooding on the White River and the Strawberry River has closed many roads. Bad town for finding hay.. Less than motivated sponsor.

Glad to hear everybody is OK and biz seems to be holding up. This spring's weather has been unusually awful for the Hugo shows. Certainly hope it dries out and warms up soon.

Per your earlier comment about the routing -- pretty much agree. The industrial states (MI, OH) should be avoided. There is $$ to be made in the corn and soybean country. Commodity prices remain very strong -- those IA, KS, NB and Dakota farmers are experiencing the best prosperity in a generation. And, don't forget the buying power of the Hispanic audience which has grown dramatically in some parts of the Midwest.

Keep it between the ditches!

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