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Saturday, March 22, 2008 

By any measure, it's been a long week for circus. On Monday in Pottsboro we began to hear rumours of severe weather aimed at north Texas with high winds, heavy rains, and hail forecast to stretch over a solid several days. The storm hit on Monday night. On Tuesday morning we learned that more of the tent crew had left, and we made the 37 miles jump to Bonham reckoning that getting the tent up in too much wind with too few hands might be impossible. We dodged a bullet when we found that the lot included a building more than large enough to put the entire show inside, playing an indoor date. The weather remained problematic, as most people simply stayed home, but the circus did enough business to claim that we saved the date. We later heard that several other shows had big problems as a result of the weather.

Wednesday we made a 40 mile jump to a soggy lot in Cooper. Our Mexican tent crew finally arrived on Wednesday when Roy Ordez delivered them to the lot around Noon. The last of our Mission tent crew immediately decamped, returning to Dallas.

Thursday saw the show jump 70 miles to green lot in Linsdale on a picture perfect day
. Our Chinese Acrobats joined the show a few days earlier and were becoming accustomed to the early jumps. On Friday we jumped another sixty miles to Rusk, our last Texas date, on a wooded lot in the hills. Business pretty good several days this week.

Today we jumped90 miles into LA for two early shows in Greenwood, and then another jump forty miles to Benton. Show ill be closed for Easter.

Been thinking of you showfolks these past few days. Thankful that no dates were lost and nobody has been injured. Take your time coming north -- SE Wisconsin, N. Illinois and Mich received a foot of snow on Good Friday.

Pls fill us in on this season's performance lineup!

See u down the road.

Up here in Missouri we are drowning in water. Everything is flooded, even some of the major highways near St. Louis where I come and go to work every day. I wondered how it was affecting you down in Texas, because it hit you first. We had 11 inches of rain in 38 hours, so there's a lot of water to squeeze out.

I hope you'll keep posting the route card, I like to see where you all are headed. CM isn't in Circus Report. And I heard they were heading to the east coast this year, instead of west, so I'm interested to see where you all end up.

Try to keep your feet dry.

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