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Sunday, March 23, 2008 

Benton, Louisiana. 30 miles. Grass lot. Down day for Easter. Two shows here tomorrow. Sometimes it's easy to see the ghosts of the great shows have traveled the same routes. Certainly the Christy show in Texas, or the Mighty Haag here in LA. Circus is a continum. Shows follow shows as generations of children follow other generations, still captivated by the lady on trapeze.


Mr. Peterson. I'm aware that you elephant guys like books and blogs with lots of pictures. Left home without my camera...HOWEVER...it should catch up with me in next week's mail. ...Pictures to follow.

Don't forget about Ma Bailey before them! She had the good sense to have purchased her lots in many of the towns she played. From the stories I know she would play the same town in the spring and then again on the way home in the fall. Had the good sense to give free passes to the Veterans.
Maybe a good idea again?

Absolutely. Serious "props" to Ma Bailey. Long running successful wagon. And the rare show owned and managed by a woman. Her only "equal" in that regard might have been Mrs. Burr Robbins in Wisconsin, who successfully operated her husband's well regarded wagon for several seasons while he recovered from a serious head injury.

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