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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 

Jamestown, NY 39 miles. Grass. Perfect circus weather.

Our first date in New York State. Animal Liberation activists filled the airwaves with anti-circus drivel around Jamestown. Few communities this season have seen so much noise. End result: nary an activist in sight on circus day, and our host The Boys & Girls Club held a highly successful fundraiser. After some slow business particularly in the mid-west our recent dates in OH, PA, and NY have been great.

Lockport, NY 100 miles Grass lot. Perfect circus weather.

The air was cool this morning before the jump north to Lockport, near Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Summer is waning. The Media Director left his defroster/fan on in the truck and needed a jump start. (I've done that twice this season.)

It's impossible to play Lockport without mentioning the Sutherland Sisters.


These young ladies. first made famous by Chilly Billy Cole, then later on the Barnum show were super stars of the sideshow. Neither freaks, nor oddities -- they were simply sisters with very, very long hair! Later they went on to endorse hair care products (naturely.) The Sutherlands may have been an early example of celebrity for celebrity's sake; a bit like exhibiting Paris Hilton on today's midway. I don't suppose that anyone has Ms Hilton's phone number handy?

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