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Wednesday, August 09, 2006 

The CFA Gang!

Indiana, PA. 46 miles. Grass lot. Perfect circus weather.

James (Jimmie) Stewart proved over the coarse of a long career that he was both American cinema’s everyman, and among American cinema’s most talented actors. Wheteher working with Frank Capra on a film like Mr Smith Goes To Washington, or with Alfred Hitchcock on Vertigo, we never doubted Jimmie Stewart’s roots. Well, Mr. Stewart was born here in Indiana, Pennsylvania and forgot the place he called his hometown. For circus buffs there’s more to the story. At the height of his career Mr. Stewart decided to take second billing on a picture, and to go through that entire picture in the makeup of a clown. The movie was The Greatest Show Show On Earth, and maybe every circus owes Indiana, PA an occasional nod.

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