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Sunday, August 06, 2006 

Allegany Township, PA. 75 miles. Grass. Great crowd. Perfect circus weather.

Williamburg, PA. 102 miles. Mowed field. Warm.

The Circus Fans of America came to the show today with ice cream and cake for the whole crew. It’s always nice to spend time with the fans. In the dog days of summer in the second half of the season tempers can flare now and then. After all, several hundred people have been living together for many months without a break. There was a dust-up in the bigtop one night recently during tear down. It was over as quickly as it started, but it served as a reminder that hard work in well over a hundred towns leaves men drained some days, and we still have many months to go before we’re back home in Hugo.

Ebensburg, PA. 34 miles. Grass. Warm.

Another day of perfect circus weather in southwestern Pennsylvania. Cute hill country town.

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