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Tuesday, August 01, 2006 

Carey, OH 46 miles. Grass lot. Extreme heat and humidity.

A beautiful Sunday in the park. Given the heat we were lucky, swimming pool next door right behind the elephants.

Bellville, OH. 57 miles. Grass lot. 100 degrees F. Humid. Suburban Mansfield.

Historically Mansfield has been a great circus town and good place for mudshows. Despite the heat we had a nice afternoon crowd and packed the tent in the evening.

Rittman, OH. 51 miles. 100 F. Extreme humidity. Grass lot behind the high school.

Long drive down narrow two lane roads. Route sheet noted: Watch out for Amish carriages! The weather report says to expect two more days of this incredible heat/humidity. The new editors of Whitetops paid us a second visit yesterday. Circus fans are something we look forward to almost every day in this part of the country.

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