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Saturday, August 19, 2006 

Batavia, NY. 45 miles. Grass. Perfect circus weather.

Tear down in Lockport was completed by midnight, and minutes later two vans carried the tent crew and the prop boys twenty miles to Niagara for a look at the falls. We don’t get to play tourist too often, and if the trade-off is sleep, now and then it’s well worth it.

In Batavia the show plays in opposition to a nearby fair. We will playing in opposition to fairs through much of the remaining summer and into the autumn.

Angelica, NY. 70 miles. Grass. Perfect circus weather.

In 1805 Angelica was an outpost on the western frontier living in the shadow of the remnants of the Seneca Nation, by 1840 as canals and railroads snaked there way through the river valleys of Upper New York Angelica was a prosperous town along the drainage of the Genessee. Angelica retains that quaint mid-19th Century charm with its broad streets, picturesque business district and a rotary surrounding a Village Commons fronted by five churches with windows by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The East, we’re reminded is old and full of history. Old Bet herself may have visited this town in the pre-circus days of elephants in America. Certainly the later wagon shows pitched their circus tents in the fields beside the Common before moving north to Belfast or east Arkport. This is Shaker country with tall barns with straight lines and homes just beginning to show off their true beauty after two hundreds on the land. Circus itself seems somehow natural and more at home in places where the ghosts of other shows that came before mark the fairgrounds and speak to the continuum of this venture of ours. It’s an honor to entertain you.

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