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Wednesday, June 30, 2010 

Going to add several posts next week...including posts about why I haven't been posting... Really!!

In the meantimes...

Yesterday I visited Mr. Childress's Lewis & Clark Circus on a grass lot in Troy, PA. Sunny, not too warm or cold -- perfect circus day. Lewis & Clark is a very nice show. Looks great, pretty on the lot, a strong performance for a show of its modest size. Free kid tix brought a good crowd out for the first performance. Would be remiss if I failed to mention the outstanding announcing from "Miss Rebecca" (Becky Ostroff) in her rookie year as an announcer. Funny, fun, refreshing. Even the peanut pitch was a pleasure -- perhaps made so by a real pitcher with a great Little League caliber arm.

A show not to be missed.

Welcome back!

Don Covington

Thats great news! We will be looking forward to your posts.
Conversely , if this is BS we will be hunting you down. Cheers
Dennis J. Younger

It's good to see that you have a working computer again. Your blogs have been missed for quite some time!

Welcome back on the blog circuit.
I take it if you are seeing Lewis and Clark in pa you are not on Culpepper.
Harry in Texas

Welcome back...have missed the blogging!

Welcome back - you've got some catching up to do!!! lol

Awww Ben! What's 3 mos anyway? LOL. Good to see you back and looking forward to getting caught up.


Welcome back,
Circus worker or not --keep posting. Your comments are often very insightful to us out here in the boonies.
We need our daily fix. :-)

It's a know brainer, and you don't have to be P.T Barnum to realize it. Have a great looking babe like Becky hawking your ware's and they will sell faster then you can reload the boxes. Hooter's found that out years ago. LOL
Wade Burck

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