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Monday, October 19, 2009 

Monday October 19th, 2009. Winterquarters. Hugo, OK. Warm and sunny.

The WQ are quiet now. Working men gone, tent boss gone. BJ Hebert has left for Goree, TX, and Jeff Hampton leaves to billpost for Ringling in another week. Trey Key wikll head east in November and only Scott Moss the mechanic will hold down the fort until he leaves after Christmas. In January it's at least possible that the quarters will be a ghost town waiting for spring. We thought we'd be gone by now, but we're sticking around until the cats are in their new winter home. Should be here no more than another week. By then Kelly Miller will be home, across Kirk Road...and Carson & Barnes after that. My son Robin turned 15 today here in Hugo.

Noted with regret. Heard about the death of Bill Strong. We'll miss him.

Ben, do the cats not stay at WQ?

Steve, Culpepper leases a portion of the old Circus Chimera quarters here in OK, and for liability purposes the property owner did not want a long term cat compound here. Cats have wintered at a place in Texas for several years -- but at the last minute Trey Key, who owns this show discovered that the compound he'd built at the Texas farm would not be available. There are some ongoing legal issues. Fortunately a zoo in Oklahoma has agreed to make space available until February when the cats come back to Hugo to start tuning up for next season.

Was thinking yesterday that I wished I was on a plane to your corner of the world where it's springtime and circuses and carnivals and animal shows aren't bundled up in winter clothes waiting for the cold.

Thanks Ben.

Yes, it's a great time of the year over here.

Who knows, one day we may get to meet you. Either you over here or us over there!


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