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Thursday, September 24, 2009 

Thursday Sept. 24th. Moreland, OK. 80 miles. Very cool. Sandy lot with thorns and bullheads.
Great shows yesterday in Cherokee. Today the landscape changed as we moved into the Panhandle. No more midwestern green, instead creosote and the scrappy plants of semi-arid country.
Sad news. Natalie Cainan who works her American Eskimo dog act on Kelly Miller lost her dog Dixie to cancer yesterday. Dixie was a trooper.

Season has three more weeks and I still don't know where we'll spend the winter.

Wednesday. Cherokee, OK. 55 miles. Grass. Cool.
Jumped back into OK from KS. Mornings are pitch black and midway lights are on for the second show as the days get shorter.
Spoke with Shane Johnson, cat guy and comedy performer. Shane’s Johnson Concessions is working fairs and festivals in TX and FL and doing strong business. Shane produces the Shrine Circus date in Miami, OK in early Nov.

Tuesday. Caldwell, KS. 120 miles. Grass. Overcast.
Very long jump into KS, one of two KS dates over the next week.

Monday Sept 21st. Cleveland, OK. 75 miles. Grass. Warm. Beautiful park outside town. We’re on the west side of Tulsa now.

Sunday September 20th. Inola, OK. 70 miles. Grass. Early shows. Business has been somewhat slow in OK, even in the Tulsa commute towns.

Ben: I can only imagine the dedication that it requires to do daily postings under such unpredictable conditions. My own motto tends to be: "Some people accuse me of being inconsistent. Well, sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not."

Congrats for doing the work, and for doing it in such an informative, provocative way.

Lane Talburt

Hey Ben:
Pleased to report that I completed a Hugo Trifecta last Sunday. Caught two KM shows at Vernon Hills, IL. First was sold out; second about two-thirds.
Your earlier observation concerning the clowning quality on all three Hugo shows in '09 is spot on. S&R are a real kick - work very, very hard their craft and it shows.
Oh, and KM has a beautiful, full-color printed program. A steal at $2.

See ya down the road,
Paul H.

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