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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 

Abernathy, TX. 70 miles. Cool, clear. Gravel lot. Abernathy is still papered with Circus Gatti sheets from a February date in Lubbock, 25 miles away. Saw almost as much of their paper as our own. Playing at the school, so a constant stream of children have been by to watch the tent go up or to see the cats. We're in TX for another five days.


G'day Ben,
At the moment I've got way too much time on my hands so I've been following the CM and KM routes on the map.

When you've got the time, would you explain to me please why the American shows drive through so many towns? Here in Australia we show every town as we come to it and will only jump a few if an opposition show is too close.

I've heard the argument that so and so town is not a good town. We've got towns like that over here too but they change regularly. A town might be "dead" for a couple of years but we keep showing it because there is no other way of finding out when it has come good. No town has ever been "dead" for ever.

Just interested to know the thinking behind the routing over there.


Randy, you'll recall that it always takes me at least a month to remnember to buy batteries for the camera. I do have some cell phone pix of the show bujried in the snow, but thus far I haven't figure out how to save them from my email. ...

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