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Friday, March 27, 2009 

2:30 PM. Snow's falling at about and inch at hour at the moment. Wind chill is 0 degrees F (-18 degrees C.) In a sure sign that youth is fickle, or dumb, or wasted on the young -- my kid Robin just asked for 5 dollars so he could walk six blocks to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Should have suggested he cart back another 20 pounds of propane while he was out.

Hey Ben, you might have missed my questions of a couple of days back.

Does C&M have a different tent this year?
What species of cat and how many does Mr Keys present?
Did Casey break them in?

Hope it's warming up for you now - a pleasant 28C in beautiful Pilton, Australia to day!!!!

Casey worked these cats when they were first acquired, then they sat around for awhile. Doug Terranova put the act together with Trey in late '07. Basic act, but it works smoothly for Trey who sees himself as a presenter more than a trainer. Public enjoys it because they like the male lion.

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