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Sunday, August 03, 2008 

August 3rd, Norwalk, OH. Jumped yesterday to the fairgrounds in Norwalk. About 60 miles. Beautiful day.

The great business in Sagamore Hills waned here in Norwalk where we are playing a two day lot/license. A 15% grade along the route of the jump delayed our arrival yesterday. With any lot/license date the marketing plan is generally a combination of direct mail, using demographic data to target households with children, and free ticket lay downs. As Norwalk was booked late, I suspect there was no time for a mailout. Likely it would take 100,000 tickets spread over many locations to work the town successfully entirely with laydown, since the return is in the 1-2% range. Don't know if the bill crew had time for that. With any free kid tix offer a lot of debate goes into the ticket itself and the art work. Is FREE big enough? If we don't have an elephant on the ticket will they think we don't have one? What about the tigers? What about the girl on the trapeze? Whetehre the artwork and graphic really matter is a subject for debate. The notion is that the more the ticket offers -- like old circus heralds -- the better it may work. Who knows....

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