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Friday, August 01, 2008 

August 1st, 2008. Sagamore Hills, OH. 27 miles. Grass. Possibility of showers.

Excellent business yesterday. Attendance has been very good in all OH communities, though the crowds in Middlefield were largely Amish – attending the shows but spending less per cap on concessions, and little on novelties and rides. I wonder if shows with some flexibility in ticket prices at the Box Office don’t have an edge in communities like Middlefield? If advance ticket prices remain the same, would an extra buck at the box office have depressed attendance in Middlefield? I suspect not – but that extra dollar could have helped to offset the low per cap. On the other hand no legitimate show wants to be seen as playing fast and loose with tix prices the way that less legitimate shows sometimes do with free kid tix dates. Probably no single simple answer.

MJr Tremble:
Dick Here! My experience with the Amish has always been that way as far as concessions go. They will bring 4 ot 5 kids and buy one boc of popcorn and tell them to share it. That's just their nature. Dick Dykes http://dick-dykes.blogspot.com

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