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Friday, April 04, 2008 

Smackover, AR. 33 miles. Asphalt lot. Severe thunderstorms, rain.

Playing in the high school parking lot where the elephants provide quite the attraction between classes. Sponsor claims that this is the first circus to visit Smackover in 35 years. Advance sales unspectacular, weather may hurt gate.

Wait a minute, Ben, when did the elephants arrive? Lane Talburt

Lane, elephants and cats were on the show when we opened in TX. Animals went on a two week hiatus (A few TX dates, and Louisiana.) Frankly we were having a hell of a time just getting the tent up using mission labor. Once we had a real tent crew we could staff the animal department and bring them back when we moved into Arkansas.

So Ben, you headed to Minnesota this season? Also, will cats and elephants be there too?

Please advise

Dan, no dates in MN. I think there's a strong case to be made that MN and MI have both been overplayed the last few years. Too many shows. I think there will be fewer this season. (Which is better for the shows that do go there.) In the case of MI, the economy is awful -- other than the ring of suburbs around Detroit. Think there may be fewer shows in WI as well. We're still heading north and east right now, but in another month we'll turn left and move west pretty fast. Plan to have cats and elephants for the season.

Worth not oil towns, food processing towns, towns that benefit from higher commodities prices have more money. Recession can be a plus when people spend on circus rather than higher priced theme parks, but personally I don't see the Upper midwest as a great market this year. Grain belt, high plains, and intermountain west look a little more bullet proof.

Ben your insight is incredible, have you ever booked? if you don't mind, as an up and comer in this business, I take what you say to heart, and will strongly consider what you said in routing my shows further this year

Thank You

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