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Monday, September 18, 2006 

Lancaster, PA. 78 miles. Asphalt. Perfect circus weather.

Over the Deleware Memorial Bridge and through rush hour traffic in Wilmington this morning. Then across two lane highways back into Pennsylvania. We have been in and out of Pennsylvania four times this season. Last evening Darren Kerry an elephant groom said (as the generators were shutting down,) "You know, we could be standing here discussing Plato's dialogues with Socrates, or maybe the Republic. This is a circus, who would believe it if you said that's what were talking about." The siren song of circus lures in the wise woman and the fool alike. In three days we arrive in Virginia. Southbound.

I was at the show with my 3 small kids ages 8,6, and 3. We sat right up front and the view was awsome. I have never been to the circus myself and i have a newfound respect for the whole show and all the individual people it takes to put on such a great preformance. I hope you come to Lancaster again. It was great!!!!

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