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Friday, September 15, 2006 

Fort Dix, NJ. Day 2

Second day of a wet stand on Fort Dix. Last night much of the show celebrated Mexican Independence Day (Sept 16th) with a party in the cookhouse. Beneath the bigtop in the quiet of the afternoon before the first show, girls are practicing silks routines. In popular circus skills are passed down from parents to children, passed along from friend to friend. There are few limitations on what you might become with long practice and if you are willing to learn, and to ask for help. The polish of formally trained circus artists from places like Russia rub off rather nicely on informally trained children, future performers from elsewhere. Circus is a world where even the very best share their knowledge and talents with virtual beginners inside the greater family that makes up the show. First the skill, then the flash and style that sells the act.

I am glad you have choosen to enable the comments again. I would like to add this, over 20 plus years ago I worked for Barbara and Gary, It was the best time of my life and the learning experience that I gained was 2nd to none other. I still consider the show home and enjoy it best when they are in my area of the USA the blogs have enabled me to keep track of the ongoings even though I am no longer able to be with the troups keep up the good job and I really hope every one has a safe and enjoyable rest of the season and hopefully we will be able to see you in our communite again next season. Keep up the good job on your blogs B.E.

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