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Thursday, September 07, 2006 

Drive Time!

1 -- There’s an apocryphal story in the mudshow business. One winter an aerialist shows up that the quarters of a tented circus down in Florida. The owner of the show is in the changing the oil in a payloader.

“Sir, I am the best flier in the world,” the aerialist says. “My specialty is quadruple somersault off the trapeze. My brother catches me, and I never miss. We own our own rigging. We love your circus more than any other. Because we are fabulously wealthy and already famous we will work for almost nothing. I have a tape.”

“That would be pretty impressive,” the circus owner says, sliding out from beneath the loader. “A quad might really bring’em into the tent. And you’re a star, everybody knows you.“ He smiles, “I’d like that. It all sounds good. Tell me, any points on your CDL?”

“Sir, I’m an artist. Sorry, I don’t drive.”

“Buddy, you’re nothin’ but a damned liar,” says the circus man, suddenly turning red. “What the Hell are you wasting my time for? Get off my lot. Who’s gonna believe there’s a flier who doesn’t drive!”

2 – Okay, I made the CDL story up, but it sounds like something somebody would say. On a mudshow everybody drives.

3 – In two days we’re moving into New Jersey. We may be the largest tented circus in America, but we’re from Hugo, Oklahoma and driving in suburban New York with sixty odd show vehicles is a logistical nightmare.

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