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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 

Potsdam, NY. 73 miles. Grass. Cool, partly sunny.

Jumped to the St Lawrence River Valley of northern New York today, hard against the Canadian border. With a mountain range separating the St Lawrence from this rest of New York there is a stark beauty to these isolated farmlands closer to Ottawa and Montreal than Albany, New York, or Syracuse. The Pie Car broke free from it’s truck today and went skidding into a parked mini-van and a power pole. The damages could have been far worse given the drama involved. It’s almost September now and though two full months remain to the outdoor season the end of the road grows closer with every day. Tensions are natural in any closed community after so long on the road. Four people have blown the show in the past few days running away to join the town, whether that town is somewhere in Texas or elsewhere. On any show people drift away as the end of the season nears. The circus itself moves on striving for a finery, a maturity in the last days and weeks and months impossible in the Spring. The rhythm of an Autumn show is I like to think circus at it’s very best.