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Monday, May 22, 2006 


Page, AZ. 130 mile jump. Windy. Navajo Hopi country. Perched on the northern edge of the Grand Canyon the wind is blowing at 35 miles an hour and the sand is shifting like something out of the movies. From Williams, AZ on Thursday we jumped 90 miles to Winslow, then sixty miles back into Flagstaff for a beautiful weekend in a county park. PETA activists approached the city of Flagstaff seeki9ng a circus ban and citing their usual dishonest “facts.” The city of Flagstaff declared that such draconian measures were up the people of the community. The people voted with their feet and the shows were well attended. A small of group of protestors was entirely ignored and ultimately banned from the park as traffic impedance. A week earlier in Phoenix the Arizona Republic reported that one PETA organizers had emailed supporters actively encouraging them to lie in attacking circus. The actual facts are simple; this circus supports the conservation of endangered species. PETA sometimes appears to oppose many forms of conservation. In fact on Saturday one activist phrased it like this, “Extinction is natural.” The kind of moral certainty is frightening. Imagine public policy based on the notion that maintaining bio-diversity is no big deal.

From Page we will jump into Utah. Over the next three weeks we’ll make many long jumps as we leave the Far West and move toward the heartland.

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