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Thursday, May 04, 2006 


Sierra Vista, AZ. Perfect circus weather. Sixty mile jump from Douglas north to Sierra Vista. Tomorrow we move into Tucson for three days at the rodeo grounds over the Cinco de Mayo weekend. Coming out of Bisbee the route was arrowed in two directions. Our route sheet said to take 90, but an earlier show Circus Chimera had obviously atekn another road to get to the same town. The double arros caused a bit of confusion, but not enough to anybody hopelessly lost. We were on the lot by 7:30.

After seventy years on the road you begin to suspect that there isn't a town in America where this circus hasn't pitched it's tent. This extended exploration of America is in and of itself worth pondering. Circus I believe, somedays is the secret history of where Americans live. Town are born and prosper and the circus is there. Other communities fade away and the circus remembers them.

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