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Wednesday, April 26, 2006 

Alamagordo, NM. High desert. Warm and dry. How the circus travels. In this age of online route planning and GPS tools of circus travel remain surprisingly simple and trustworthy. Route cards list for the next weeks weeks and approximate distances. Arrows mark turns or reassure drivers that a truck is headed in the right direction. Daily route sheets give written directions. Today’s route sheet read like this.

Route from Socorro, NM to Alamagordo, NM. April 28th, 2006. Approx 132 Miles. Shows 4:30 & 7:30 PM. Lot – Otero County Fairgrounds.

Leave the lot same way we came in. Turn right onto Fairgrounds Road. Go to Stop sign and turn left on NM Highway 1. Go ½ mile and turn right onto entrance I-25 South. Take I-25 South seven miles to exit #139 Highway 380 East. Take 380 East sixty-four miles to Carrizozo, NM. Turn right on US 54 South. Take 54 fifty-eight miles to Alamagordo, NM. Past Home Depot on your left ½ mile turn left onto Fairgrounds Road. (Note the imagination behind all those streets called Fairgrounds Rd.) Follow arrows to lot.

That and a little bit of luck and a lot of fuel and you can move sixty vehicles in a circus.

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