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Sunday, April 09, 2006 


Allen, TX. Palm Sunday. Perfect circus weather. Shows moves to Denton tomorrow.

We've got coupons available online for Denton!

This was a fantastic time! My duaghter was thrilled with the performances and amazed at how young some of your stars were. Thank you for the great day at the Circus.

It was a great show. We have been coming to shows for ten years. A little disappointed that the show had to shrink, but it was easier to see the acts with the shorter tent. Checked out this blog after we found the tent on our own. The Website is getting better but the info on shows and maps needs to be obviously available right off the front page

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Glad you enjoyed the show. I don't think of it as smaller so much as more compact. Still a huge cast and great performers, but now squeezed into three rings with, as you point out, a better view from all seats. The shorter tent is the largest in the circus world, about the size of a football field. We'll look in to improving directions to the show etc.

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