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Saturday, April 01, 2006 


New Boston, TX today with a partly cloudy sky this morning. Veteran bull man turned farrier extraordinary Gary Hill visited the show earlier in the week and posted a nice picture to another blog. This thumbnail doesn’t do it justice, but if ever a big circus looked pretty on a lot this 70th edition of Carson & Barnes does. The old adage suggests that a fresh coat of paint covers a multitude of sins, I’d say on this show the amazing artwork on the new road office enhances a plethora of virtues. There are so many stars on any circus who never step into the center ring to receive the applause they richly deserve, painters, prop men, the canvas crew to name just a few. No show looks good without them.


I joined the Al G. Kelly and Miller Bros Circus in 1943 at the age of 10. Stayed with them untill draftee in to the US Army.1953.
With the help of DR Miller I worker Elephants with Big John. Smokey Joe, Logan, Bill Woodcock,
Hired on with Capt Jack Larenzo.
Love to all, always visit when you are in El Paso, Tx.
KA5EWK@ARRL.NET Tomatoe nosed Bob

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