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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 


Garland, TX for two days. Circus lovers never tire of elephants, but as we all know wild elephant herds are highly threatened. We worry about elephants. At Carson & Barnes Circus we're working with several leading organizations to promote species survival and reproductive conservation in Asian elephants. We are especially proud of our work with the Endangered Ark Foundation located in our hometown of Hugo, OK.

The Garland Circus was wonderful. The children loved the circus!!!

The elephant portion was very impressive to watch. It is always amazing to see such massive creatures doing such precise work. The kids all loved the elephants, camels and the motorcycle got a big "OOOOO".
Today all I hear is can I go to the circus again. Even the "bats" in the sky were enjoyed.

Thank you for coming and we can't wait for future performances as the children grow.


Good Job RingMaster. Quite a comical and enjoying evening. You mastered the ceremonies wonderfly.


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