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Tuesday, October 13, 2009 

October 13th, 2009. Justin, TX. 55 miles. Rain, warmer.

Jumped north through Fort Worth this morning in the rain. Lot in Justin is very soft. Culpepper & Merriweather Great Combined Circus owner Trey Key has made the decision to cancel the show and cancel shows for tomorrow and Thursday as well. Thed season is over. We're jumping hbome to winterquarters in Hugo, Ok later this morning. The 25th edition of CM Circus, ends as the poet said, not with a bang but a whimper. Tomorrow we'll put the show away and CM will hit the road again in March of 2010. I promise tomorrow I'll post pictures. The final jump home will be 150 miles. This route book for 2009 is all out and over.


I sure understand the decision to close.
Lousy weather is just not conducive to covering the overhead.

I will miss the updates this winter.

Success to you and wherever the Winter Jobs take you.

It's been fun reading and spiritually participating.

Jon Walker
Kissimmee, FL.

Tell John Moss I said Hello.

Thanks a million for the wonderful job on your route book blog through the 2009 season.
Your comments and in put on it was the best and us fans knew where Culpepper was.
Just saw Lewis and clark in the mud in Henderson, Tx. A real nice performance and was treated royally by Bob and Albert.
I had a great time with great folks.
I really enjoyed the Carson and Barnes piece on GMA. Very positive and not a knife in the back.
Our tent circuses need all the postive publicity they can get.
Harry Kingston

It's been a real treat to share the season with you, Ben. Thanks for all of the hard work to keep us informed.

All the best,

Don Covington

Have enjoyed reading your blog. I went back to the earliest posting. Interesting read from 2006 to the present. Will this be the last postings until next year season?

Thanks so much for this 21st century electronic route book. It's been truly enjoyable every step of the way.

All the best to you and the C&M cast and crew. See you down the road in 2010.

Paul Holley

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