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Wednesday, July 01, 2009 

Sheldon, IA. 45 miles. Grass. Sunny. Very hot.

Nice short jump. CM always does fair business here. I've been following the news of the military coup in Honduras closely. Lived and worked in Honduras oh-so-long-ago and in recent years it has appeared that the threat of government by coup in Latin America was finally a thing of the past. The dusk to dawn curfew in place is tough on the little circuses from Salvador that are popular in Honduras. Generally a show will set up and stay in a small town or city for as long as a week, but if they can't perform they will literally stay put until they have enough fuel money to move again. Zoo in Tegucigalpa used to do a lot of animal trading with shows looking for fuel money after a tough stretch. Got a polar bear that way.

Hope you do some biz in Iowa (my home state.) Sheldon is one of the nicer towns in that part of the state. I once lived in NW Iowa 30-some years ago.

Wanted to share this line from the late, great Billy Mays: "Life's a pitch and then you buy."

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