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Saturday, May 02, 2009 

May 2nd, 2009. Valley Spring, CA. 20 miles. Mowed field, asphalt. Rain.
Sierra foothills in Calavaras County. The forecast is for rain for several days. We move back south through Modesto over the next couple days, then make the long jumps north that will take us out of California and into Oregon. California remains a fickle state for circus. Regulation is odious and business is hard to predict from one year to the next. California it seems tends to reward homegrown shows while embracing outside shows one year then rejecting the same show a few years later . In this recession year business was predictably poor in the desert town where real estate foreclosures have taken there, but it’s been much better thus far in the Central Valley farming communities, despite high unemployment. Strong hosts have done their part, and that always helps.

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