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Sunday, April 05, 2009 

Tucumcari, NM. 130 miles. Grass. Sunny, clear. Twenty-five miles below Tucumari the road angles to the right toward a down-grade and suddenly as you round that turn before you are mesas, and arroyos, chaparral, pinon, and bits of high desert. It's a breath-taking view. You aren't in Texas anymore.

Lot and license today. Billposter had only an afternoon last week to lay down tickets.

Tent crew hit a water main stake driving -- after groundskeeper swore there were no underground lines. We've been without water all day, so has much of Tucumcari.

Hey Ben! I remember that turn and veiw as the sun was coming up! Beauty!
I have pics of it stored in my Culpepper-Merriweather file! I'll see if I can find them and send you!
Bob Doodles Kelmer

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