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Friday, June 20, 2008 

Shows in Cairo, NY today at 4:30 and 7:30. Tomorrow up into the Berkshires to begin two weeks in the Bay State entering and exiting near Pittsfield.

Hi! Great info. When can I catch you around Providence RI to New Bedford MA? I see no paper locally.

so if I live in oh,,,lets say Wisconsin,,I can not buy a shot gun in,,,,oh ,,,lets say ,,,,New York???

Its SO not fair....

We're not all that far from New Bedford and RI now and I believe we'll continue to be in the area the next few days, including a stop in East Providence at some point.

The whole issue of the3 police in one NYS town wanting us to have high powered weapons to stop the elephnats and tigers was silly. Outside of Tennessee it isn't required elsewhere, and it's probably a bad idea to plan on shooting guns at running animals anyway. The whole thing was basically an issue created by a 24 Hour Man who took it upon himself to tell local law\enforcementthat we did have various weapons for that purpose.

I believe you can buy firearms out-of-state....but it's subject to a waiting period.

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