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Monday, December 11, 2006 

When I think of carnival, and circus, and Wild West shows I think of my father, those were his things. But when I think again it was my mother and my grandparent who took me, at around the age of 5 to see Mr. Beatty in the early 1960’s. And it was my mother who, this season, would drive for five hours north or east or west or south to visit us on Carson & Barnes. I suppose when I think of my parents (my father has been dead for many years) it’s always as they were when I was seventeen. Somehow it’s hard to reconcile my mother as older.
On Friday morning my brother Lewis, a well know horse trainer phoned from Pennsylvania to tell me that our mother was in hospital. Five years ago a cardiac problem led to open heart surgery and she endured a long slow painful recovery. During her convalescence in upper New York State I remember the Ringling dates in Madison Square Garden, and the Shrine dates in Rochester. By the time that I returned home to California winter had turned to spring. On Friday there was another surgery for an intestinal resection, and now I am in the east again, in the snow again, driving the same road I covered in circus trucks when it was summer. It’s a hell of a way to near Christmas.

How many elephants does the Carson and Barnes show own? Where you coming in Minnesota

How many elephants does your show own?Where in Minnesota are you coming in 2007?

The Miller elephant herd numbers almost 30 animals. The Carson & Barnes Circus carries between four and ten elephants. Information on MN dates in 2007 will no douubt be available in May '07

In regards to Minnesota: I am the booking agent responsible for that lag of the tour. We will be covering the majority of the state. If you want to e-mail me, I will tell you if and when we will be in your area. cbcircus@aol.com

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